Services offered by Nazeing Heating
  • Commercial Boiler Servicing
  • Commercial & Domestic Boiler Repairs
  • Full Boiler Replacements & Installations
  • Design
  • Building Management Systems
  • Controls, Compensators & Optimisers
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Radiator Valve Replacements
  • Thermostatic Blending Valves
  • Flue Dilution Systems
  • Temporary Boiler Plant
  • Solar Hot Water Heating

Our Company are pleased to have a close working relationship with the ATAG range of boilers and equipment. ATAG boilers are a new generation of advanced high efficiency condensing boilers, catering for a wide range of installations. The boilers can be configured for domestic applications as well as commercial. Together with the ATAG Cascade range of ancillary equipment, multiple boiler installations can cater the majority of commercial applications.

Services offered by Nazeing Heating
All our engineers have been fully trained in ATAG boiler equipment and we specialise in installing, repairing and maintaining the commercial range of ATAG boilers. We also stock all the spares for ATAG boilers and anything we haven't in stock can be delivered within 24 hours.

NHL are control specialists in providing a complete controls package, detailed system solutions and design specifications for the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning control systems. We can offer a full range of controls:  Coster TE products, Trend, Drayton, and Siemens, providing both Sales and Technical Support.

The BMS system is a standalone computer system that allows the user to communicate with the building remotely, ensuring they operate at maximum levels of efficiency and economy and allowing alterations to control parameters.

From a small standalone system to a complete Building and Energy Management System, no project is too small or too large and we can tailor our service to suit customer specific requirements from supplying loose controls right the way through to a complete control panel or boiler room refit, complete with our full install service. Also alarms from a building can be managed effectively by sending messages (SMS, voice or email) to dedicated engineers who can prioritise them for action.

By including heating metering ongoing changes can be made to the control parameters and the resulting decrease or increase in energy costs can be monitored.  This will allow the user to experiment with parameters to compensate for the fabric of the building or if multiple occupants are using the scheme then correct billing of the utilities can be achieved.

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